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Practical Pickup Workshops Information

Practical Pickup Workshops are the all-in-one answer to shoring up your romantic life. This program will give you the foundation for EVERY skill you need to meet and be successful with many women. The workshop includes the following:

- Two full days out “in field” with our coaches, watching them pick up girls themselves and then doing it yourself!

- A personalized fashion consultation to get you looking better than you thought possible.

- A life-changing all-day seminar covering every topic from building confidence to tips for dates to sexual techniques to turn you into a ladies’ man in no time.

- A number of dynamic and interactive exercises designed by our coaches to create the proper social habits and responses to get women attracted to you in seconds. They’re fun too!

- A fully personalized debrief afterward where we tell you your strengths, weaknesses and how you can overcome them going forward. Clients often say this debrief is worth the price of the program itself. How often do you get personality feedback from trained professionals that is ruthlessly honest, yet constructive?

Still doesn’t sound like much? Still not completely sure what we’re talking about? Well here’s a walkthrough of a typical weekend at a Practical Pickup Workshop:


* Introductions and Goal Setting - We begin Saturday by everyone establishing who they are to the group and what they’re personal goals are with women. This allows our coaches to cater the entire weekend to the specific needs of the students.

* Foundations: Inner Beliefs - We start off by covering the basic beliefs that men have about women and dating and what these mean. Some beliefs men have are useful, many are not. We delve into what we believe about ourselves and how that affects our relationships with women, whether we know them for five minutes or five years. This portion of the seminar is crucial to setting the correct tone on which the rest of the weekend will operate under. Meeting women is healthy, it can be hard, but it’s also a ton of fun.

* Body Language, Posture and Tonality - Our coaches will explain the importance of body language and tonality in communication, the concept of sub-communication and work with each student individually on their body language and vocal tonality. *Includes Exercises*
* Eye Contact and Approaching Women - Learn the secret signals women give with their eyes. Does she want you to talk to her? Or is she repulsed by your presence? Are you staring or confidently gazing? Know the best way to approach a woman to get a positive response. *Includes Exercises*
* Conversational Competence - Basic conversational skills: understanding the difference between an interesting and personal interaction and what feels like an interview. Create dynamic and exciting conversations with any woman to spark attraction! Learn to lead the interaction where you want it to go and become more dominant. *Includes Exercises*

* Night Clubs and Bars - Here, our coaches not only explain the type of interactions you should have at night venues, but we sit down with each student personally and generate some original and usable stories from their life to talk about that night in field! *Includes Exercises*

* Meeting Women During the Day (Day Game) - Learn the simple process of meeting women during the day and how it differs from meeting them at night or at parties. Our coaches will give you a simple structure that you can follow to a tee to experience immediate results from approaching women during the day.

* “In Field” Night Game from 10PM to 2AM.


* “In Field” Day Game from 12PM to 3PM.

* Fashion Consultation - That afternoon, we take you to shopping with our coaches to give you a makeover on the spot, explaining the basics about fashion and style so you can always look your best. (Students are not required to purchase any clothing on fashion consult.)

* Phone Calls, Dates and Sex - Most students will have gotten phone numbers from the in field portions and here our coaches explain what to do with them. Learn when to call and what to say. Learn how to set up an intriguing date and what to do on the date. Finally, our coaches discuss the basics of sleeping with a woman and important concepts to understand.

* Personal Debriefs - Our students consistently say that the debriefs are worth the value of the workshop by themselves. This is where our coaches go student-by-student and give their unabridged, honest opinion on them. Based on what they’ve learned about the man from the weekend and what he said his dating goals are (from the first day), our coaches break down his strengths, weaknesses and how he will have to get from point A to point B.

But that’s not it. All students who take our workshops get the following:

* A FREE phone consultation usable any time down the road.

* Constant and immediate E-Mail access to our coaches for any questions they may have in the future.

* Alumni discounts on any other Practical Pickup programs they choose to take, EVER!

Program Price: $1,250 USD

We GUARANTEE a 2:1 Student To Instructor Ratio

This is an unbelievable value. Where other companies are holding seminars that cover a fraction of the material to as many as eight or ten students per instructor, we PROMISE to have at least half as many coaches present as we do students.

We quickly realized when we went into business that our asset was our personal attention and flexibility — the fact that we KNOW we can solve any guy’s dating problems. All we have to do is give him the attention and focus he needs.

Our workshops have been steadily been going up in demand AND in price over the last year, but we’re still commited to making our programs as affordable as possible for as many guys as possible.

You Can Either Choose To Make Changes, Or…

A famous dating coach once said, “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results you’ve always gotten.”

Ask yourself: “Do I want what I’ve always gotten?”

Maybe it’s unstable and emotionally needy girlfriends who seem to sap your lifeforce away. Maybe it’s women who you can’t trust. Maybe it’s girls who you’re interested in who keep telling you they just want to be friends.

Maybe it’s NOTHING AT ALL?

Imagine what you’re getting right now, and then imagine what you’d like to be getting. Are you going to take steps in that direction? Are you going to be walking home one night with a gorgeous girl melting on your arm? Or are you going to sit at home again, frustrated and lonely?

It’s an easy choice to make. And it’s only a matter of signing up.

So what are you waiting for?

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