Hey guys…
I get TONS of question from you guys about pickup artist bootcamps
and seminars…
And yes, I answer THEM ALL…
Normally, only the person asking me the question sees my answer…
But today, I decided to open up my mailbag and show you some of my
recent responses…
Maybe they’ll answer some of your questions too…
Here we go :-)
>>> Question: <<<
I have a couple of questions,
first, I am 45 years old. how will I fit in with this training?
2nd, what is your opinion of Ross Jeffries and his program?
<<< Answer: >>>
Hey Bobby…
Great questions… here’s your answers:
1.) Trust me… you’ll fit in just fine :-)
It’s true, the majority of bootcamp/seminar attendees are 18-35…
but typically 25% are over that age.
Everything taught is applicable to all ages.
You won’t be the first 45 year old to take that bootcamp or seminar,
and you won’t be the last.
For what it’s worth, I’m 35 myself and I know tons of guys who’ve taken
bootcamps in their 40s, 50s and even 60s and reaped major success from it.
2.) I first learned about picking up women and seduction from an
article in Playboy about Ross.
He’s a legend.
I’m not huge into the NLP stuff he teaches, but the guy definitely knows what
he is talking about and gets praise from practically everyone.
That being said, my opinion is he’s incredibly abrasive.
Some people need an abrasive person to light a fire under their ass to create
changes in their life, like a military drill sergeant…
Others prefer someone a bit more nurturing, like a mother.
I tell people to look at the teachers in high school or college who got you to work the
HARDEST… not who you LIKED the most.
That’s the type of instructor you want in regards to taking a seduction bootcamp or
It’s about getting RESULTS… not about getting entertained.
Ross’s upcoming seminar schedule…
PS: If you want to learn Speed Seduction at home… Ross has a
video bootcamp program that’s pretty massive and reasonably priced…
check it out here…
>>> Question: <<<
What info do you have on Love Systems and Real Social Dynamics bootcamps?
<<< Answer: >>>
My main issue with Love Systems bootcamps is the price.
Their typical bootcamp is ~$3000 while Adam’s is $1300...
I’ve heard good things about Love Systems bootcamps, just as I’ve heard
good things about Adam’s…
But paying more than twice as much for a bootcamp is ridiculous.
My opinion with RSD is if you can get Tyler Durden AKA Owen Cook as
the main bootcamp instructor, go for it…
Otherwise, I’d probably avoid them or heavily research the lead instructor.
When I look at their bootcamp listings, it just says “Instructors: Executive
That’s total bullsh!t…
If I’m paying thousands of dollars for a bootcamp, they BETTER tell me who the
lead instructor is going to be AHEAD of time!
Basically, I look at quality of instructors vs price.
You can take two separate bootcamps from the same company and one could
be good while the other sucks…
It depends on the instructor for each.
That’s why it’s easy for me to recommend an Adam Lyons bootcamp
I KNOW he’s going to be the lead instructor, I know he’s good, and the
bootcamps are also the cheapest…
Hope that helps James!
Check out Adam Lyons bootcamps schedule & book your spot here…
>>> Question: <<<
Hey Mack,
Thanks for offering your help. I’m sure you get a lot of emails so I’ll keep mine brief.
I’ve always been interested in attending a David DeAngelo Seminar, but it seems that
he rarely puts them on. Do you know anything about his seminars? When they take place?
How to sign up? Etc.
<<< Answer: >>>
Hey Danny,
David Deangelo’s real name is Eben Pagan… and lately he’s more
focused on giving business advice instead of dating advice.
I believe his last dating seminar was 3 years ago… so I wouldn’t hold
your breath about going to one in the near future.
He really only put them on in the first place to film and later sell DVDs of.
But you might want to check out his site here for info…
I don’t really miss his seminars myself… the guy was kind of boring.
Half the guest speakers were lame… the good ones can be seen at other
pua conventions like this summer’s The 21 Convention in London & Orlando…
I suggest you check that out instead, it’s cheaper too… here’s the link:
Just my 2 cents…
It’s casual,
There you go guys…
The inaugural edition of my PUA Bootcamp Questions Mailbag…
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It’s casual,
Mack Tight
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